Sunday, February 6, 2011

new series

hello again. i am starting a new math show called math bugs. the good-guys are called positives, the bad guys, negatives. pos and neg for short. pos:Add the ant(rejoins split bugs(see neg number two)using his addition beam), Subtract the ant(takes off extra bugs that add accidentally gets using his subtraction beam) ,Measure the millipede(loves measuring and has a ruler and measuring tape collection), Multiply the butterfly(she splits herself into two clones that can also split into 2 clones) ,Eve(n) the odd(caterpillar who can't decide if she likes even or odd numbers better.),Round Jonny pillbug(double agent who can change shape), Janie perimeter(mosquito who sucks out perimeter which shrinks bugs that she sucks. ), and chef fraction(ladybug who especially likes to cook pizza and pies). neg:scorpius minus(scorpion), divider spider(splits bugs in to two evil clones by biting them in half). i will tell you when it is done.