Sunday, December 16, 2012

BLAZE OF FYRE: Prolouge Blaze

I am Blaze Storm-Pineflower of the Fyre Flock. You can call me Blaze. My flock is at war with the cats and the crows. I don't know why. War is stupid. My father is King Storm. My mother is Queen Pineflower. I have an older sister, Moon, and an older brother, General Hawk. I also have a brother that was is in the same brood as me called  Claw. My flock has many members, that we show in a Flock Pyramid:

High King Wing
King Storm + Queen Pineflower
Healwing Flame Wing Gold Feather Crimson Crest
Healwing Lita Lake River Stream Droplet Rain Pond Mist
Moon, Gray, Leaf, Cloud, Moss, Tail, Down, Grass, Butterfly
Stone, Talon, Rat, Heart, Smoke, Blue, Tabby, Zebra, Nest, Tiger, Petal
Blaze, Claw,(Pineflower) Drizzle, Fog, Amber (Cloud) Twig(Moss)Raspberry(Leaf)
Trout, Frog, Pillbug
It goes the current High King over all the woodpeckers, Flock King and Queen, Healwing(they heal injured birds), Healwing Lita(or junior), Mothers, Soldiers, Fledglings, Elders.


I'm going to write a story about Blaze of the Fyre Flock(Blaze Fyre) , a young African woodpecker, and his friends Flame, a kitten, Russeteyes, a jackal pup, and Dawn Greysinger, a lion cub. The animals are all at war with each other, and they're all at war with the crows. The Food Cycle will be a common point in the story.
Bug > Woodpecker > Cat > Jackal > Lion > Man > Dirt* > Grass > Bug
And the crows eat all the animals after they die. The story is about Blaze and his friends trying to make peace before the crows come.

*Death and being buried.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Forest Charm Cover Page

Forest Charm Description

I recenty got into My Little Pony:Friendship Is Magic. So? So I'm writing a fanfic! It's called... Forest Charm.
It's about a young alicorn(pegasus unicorn) filly who lives in the forest and controls plants. Her Cutie Mark: A Leaf. Here is a picture of her: