Friday, May 30, 2014

Scientific names.

My knowledge of scientific names has advanced severely since I first started creating mythical creatures. Back towards the beginning, I had two kinds of Werewolf, Selfus Doggard and Lunar Doggard. These days my scientific names are things like Chimaera gryphonus, Common Griffon, and Equus unicornis. Nowadays Werewolves would be Homo Lupus or something. And now, step by step, how to fix the Werewolf's scientific name.

  1. First of all, the genus should be the same. These are in different genuses, Selfus and Lunar. This is easily remedied by putting Doggard first. Now we have Doggard Selfus and Doggard Lunar.
  2. The species name (second one) should not be capitalized. Doggard selfus, Doggard lunar.
  3. Now to fix the suffixes. These are supposed to be Latin, so selfus becomes auto and lunar becomes luna. (Curse you, Google Translate's nontrustable Latin!)
  4. Genus. The genus would not be Doggard. It would be Canis. 
Result: Canis auto and Canis luna. Perfectly decent scientific names. If Werewolves were real.

Ornithorhynchus anatinus.

And with that, I'm off!

P.S. You get a translation next week.