Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dragon Art

Lately, I've been drawing a lot. Mostly dragons from the Wings of Fire book series. Here are some of my drawings:

Three variations on a NightWing dragon

I didn't position the eyes right, but otherwise, it's pretty accurate to the books.

Three variations on a SandWing dragon

This one I'm not sure if I got the snout quite right, but I mostly did okay. They look way better when shaded and/or colored, don't they?

And, finally, Merry Christmas, everyone!
Glory the RainWing-with a Santa hat! (Yes, her horns are supporting the hat.)

Oh, and I've been watching too much Doctor Who. Yesterday I said something along the lines of, "Santa is a cult of ninjas from outer space!" Unless you live in Doctor Who, you're unlikely to get extraterrestrial Santa ninjas, although you might find Santa ninjas.

Oh, weird joke:
Person 1: My life stinks.
Person 2: So take a bath!