Friday, December 31, 2010

ice-cats, a mystery chapter 5, hissafang!

we went up to the door. "i don't think this cave is natural, i think it was carved." i said. we entered. "uh oh." i said"there is a giant snake in here." I AM HISSSSSSSSSSAFANG! YOU ALONG WHITH THIS LITTLE GIRL SHALL BE MY BREAKFEASSSSSSSSSSST! "oh no we won't!"i said" we will save laura." HER NAME IS LAURA? i do not usally pay atention to my victims names. "siriusly? breakfeast?
it took us 8 hours to get here." i said. i clawed and clawed at him. he lunged. he missed. just before he attacked again, anya and i frose him and were about to throw him out a window that i found. just then he woke up. SSSSSSTOP! but we threw him. NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! SPLASH! the fire birds flew laura to her home and then came back and flew us back to the ice-cat base. arktika said"you did a good job."

ice-cats, a mystery chapter 4 final destination

"gulp" anya said. we entered the forbidding cave. i wished arktika had never sent us on this mission. we walked along. but unfortnently the ceiling tilted downward so we all had to go to animal form. but then we came to an underground river where the ceiling was a foot above the water."uh oh" i said. i noticed some wood floating in the water. me and anya fished it out. i made some nonmeltable ice nails and hammer to build a boat and oars. i did. we sailed across only to find a door and higher roof.

ice-cats, a mystery chapter 3 coconut island

we took the ice boat home, where the fire birds picked us up. we flew away. it took 8 hours to get there, but a bowmower(icean(our language)for crimefighter)never gives up. when we got there, we were so tired that we ice-cats made ice beds and the fire birds rested in trees. we slept for a while and then woke up. "time to explore dark death cave."i said"its called dark death cave because pepeole who live here often hear screams comeing from it." so we went over to the cave. it looked kinda creepy. "dun dun dun", said jorge.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

ice-cats, a mystery chapter 2. at the fire bird base

we soon arrived at the fire bird base. "Jorge, Jorge!" i called. "What is it?" Jorge called faintly. "A girl named Laura Doppins has been taken to Dark Death Cave on Coconut Island! and nobody who goes in comes out! " i said,"can you help?". "Yeah, ASCII was picking that up.". "Got a quick way to Coconut Island?" i asked. "No," he replied, "All our hovercraft are out of fuel, which, unfortunately, costs $5,000,000, and we're out of things needed to home-make it. The warp to earth only links to our treehouse, so that's also out of the question. I guess you'll just have to ride a bald eagle and Anya can ride a falcon again." So we all left the base.

Monday, December 6, 2010

ice-cats, a mystery, chapter 1, the mystery begins

me and anya were hanging out in the ice-cat base when arkika (our ice-looking cat head thingy that tells us when there is a bad guy to fight and is really smart) told us that a little girl had dissapeared. WHAT! anya shouted. a mystery? i said. weird. anya said. i asked what her name was. arktika said her name was laura doppins. do a scan. i said. arktika said that she is in dark death cave on coconut island. we ran to the ice-boat and sailed off to the fire bird base.