Saturday, December 25, 2010

ice-cats, a mystery chapter 2. at the fire bird base

we soon arrived at the fire bird base. "Jorge, Jorge!" i called. "What is it?" Jorge called faintly. "A girl named Laura Doppins has been taken to Dark Death Cave on Coconut Island! and nobody who goes in comes out! " i said,"can you help?". "Yeah, ASCII was picking that up.". "Got a quick way to Coconut Island?" i asked. "No," he replied, "All our hovercraft are out of fuel, which, unfortunately, costs $5,000,000, and we're out of things needed to home-make it. The warp to earth only links to our treehouse, so that's also out of the question. I guess you'll just have to ride a bald eagle and Anya can ride a falcon again." So we all left the base.

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