Monday, February 18, 2013

BLAZE OF FYRE: Prologue- Flame

Hello. My name is Flame. I live in the old barn the big things made. Mama tells me they're called humans. I live there with my two sisters Leap and Lily, and my Mama Trixie. I don't like to play with my sisters, because they tease me 'cause I'm so small. So I have other friends. Blaze the Woodpecker, Russeteyes the Jackal, and Dawn the Lion. Mama doesn't like my friends. She says that Woodpeckers are food, and Jackals and Lions eat Cats. But I sneak into the forest to play with them anyway. Mama's gone away to fight the Jackals, and she told Lily and Leap to take care of me, even though I'm five minutes older than Leap and ten minutes older than Lily! So now I'm hiding out in the forest, and Blaze is feeding me berries and insects. Once in a while I can catch a mouse, but mostly I'm fine with Blaze's food.

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